I have a bucket list.

I revisit it every few years and make changes.  One thing has stayed the same for 15 years.

I want to publish a book.  So I am.  now.

In my bio, you’ll see that the last few years I have spent a lot of time learning about myself.  It’s like a mid-life crisis but in your 30s 🙂  What do I want to do with my life?  Who am I?  What’s important to me?  What makes me happy (like actually happy)?

I have been reading like a fiend and have learned so many interesting things about our identities and how they are linked to our stories.
I have met incredible people and have challenged myself to try new things that are totally out of my current skill set or comfort level.  I’m growing.  I’m changing.

and I’m going to pull it all together into a book.
a book for other people who might be feeling a little lost too.
people who wonder, what do I want?
what do I really care about?
(those bucket list items)
and why am I afraid to go after it?  
a book for those who feel themselves looping back
over and over
trying the same things to bring about change
and to find happiness
and yet find themselves back at square one
every time.

I am not a silver bullet.
I am a total skeptic of the idea.
life is messy.  human beings are complex.
we all have to do the work to figure out
our own stories and to create our own paths.
what I can do
is share my story,
and by doing so,
I hope it’s helpful in some way to you

I’m going to use this page as a place to start organizing some of my book content (kind of like a table of contents).  I feel a little weird about that because it seems like writers keep their book content close to their chests.  Why would a person buy a book if they have already seen what’s inside?!  But I think it would be neat to see a book come together and I hope that by sharing snippets, you can see if it’s something for you.

Here’s what I have so far…

I’ve Been Feeling a Little Lost Lately. Just Putting it Out There.
my money story
my food story
The Fire
Stories about Auntie Carolyn.
They Say Bad Things Comes in Threes.
Grandma Beatrice’s House
with more to come…


And these are some other pieces that I write for fun…

a weekly list of the best things that I’ve found online (great things to read, creative projects, good recipes, funny videos…)

The Humans of Danforth East series
I interview local business owners and write touching stories about who they are and how they became entrepreneurs.

my blog –  about a girl [me] who’s finally learning who she is and what she wants in life.  I actually want to rename it blog –> my book.


Wish me luck!  This makes me nervous to make it so public and yet I know I will do it (write my book).  Gram once told me that I would write my own book.  I will and it will be dedicated to her.