past. present. future.

inspired by the format of interviews in Flow magazine (past, present, future with photo collages), I wanted to try creating one my own. 5 years ago, I would have written a very different story. But after lots of revisiting of the past and reflection, I'm in a very different place. a hopeful one.

my happy place.

I just spent 4 hours surrounded by creative and talented people. Smart and brave people who let themselves be seen.   beautiful work. I felt so inspired. 4 hours at Chapterssurrounded by books.

the hope chest.

It’s 8 bells, Dad would announce. Rob and I would run as fast as we could to the hope chest sitting in the living room.  The long, heavy wooden chest stretched the length of our picture windowand came up to our chests. We knew it wouldn’t move.We clasped our fingers around the hardware.We thought that …