the Lainie List

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each week I write a list.

it’s a curated list of things that I’ve come across during the week that I love and want to share with others.

It’s also content that I don’t share anywhere else.  it’s my version of a newsletter.

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Here’s what people are saying about The Lainie List

“I like your list because it is carefully curated, quick to read, yet does not sacrifice on content.  It often references music, arts, crafts, literature, news headlines, and exposes me to new ideas and concepts.  Oh yeah and the kids are adorable.” – Pauline


“It’s a little bit of you from that week.  It’s the “stuff” that caught your attention and stuck there for  awhile. We get to peek into someone else’s sieve and see what caught…..which can be affirming, eye-opening, and overall builds connection.” – Kim


“It’s a list of interesting links to a variety of inspiring thoughts / ideas / provocations that one can pick and choose what it of interest.  I like it because there’s always a selection with some that intrigue me enough to check out!” – Heather

“It’s like getting a piece of Joy to my inbox each week!” – Ailsa


okay, now I want to
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Those who sign up also get a fun  2018 Calendar of Holidays: For Makers, Bloggers, Creatives, and Good People….  just because I wanted to make you something!

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A Calendar to Inspire your Next Project.

Thank a Mail Carrier Day.  Carrot Cake Day.  World Storytelling Day.  Handmade Day.  Lost Sock Memorial Day.  Yarn Bombing Day.  Compliment your Mirror Day….

A creative calendar filled with recognized international, world, and national holidays. A must have resource for makers, bloggers, creative entrepreneurs, and good people.Your head will be filled with creative ideas for your next blog post, project, or
thoughtful act of kindness.