I write a list each week.
a list of favourite things that I’ve found online (you can see some lists here)
I share them because I hope that you find something you like too!

Get ideas (a new book to track down, something that will make you think, crafty ideas for kids, creative projects…it’s a mixture of all things fun).  I can send it to you.

Subscribe and be part of a group of creative, thoughtful, and intelligent people who are curious and love to learn (a total shout out to our group!) And for signing up, I’ll also send you my 2018 Calendar of Holidays: For Makers, Bloggers, Creatives, and Good People….  

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A Calendar to Inspire your Next Project.

Thank a Mail Carrier Day.  Carrot Cake Day.  World Storytelling Day.  Handmade Day.  Lost Sock Memorial Day.  Yarn Bombing Day.  Compliment your Mirror Day….

A creative calendar filled with recognized international, world, and national holidays. A must have resource for makers, bloggers, creative entrepreneurs, and good people.  Your head will be filled with creative ideas for your next blog post, project, or
thoughtful act of kindness.


a sample page from the calendar…

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