Lainie Drawing

I’ve always loved artsy things.

The best Christmas presents were art kits and books.  I published my first book in grade three, “Little Miss Snobby.” It’s funny how sometimes very little changes.  I still love reading, writing, and making stuff.

I’m now a mom to three little ones under 3 (Tate, Thatcher, and Charlie) and wife to the most thoughtful guy.  I’m home on maternity leave and having a lot of fun.

In my “spare time,” I’m taking any class I can ( blockprinting, pottery, podcasting, mixed media, online course design…)  I’m totally a dabbler.  I like to imagine what’s possible and then do it.  I’m also currently teaching an online specialist course for The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario.

I’m a former education consultant who secretly wishes she would have gone to design school. I’ve designed online courses for professionals and have facilitated workshops.  I enjoy writing and being a mom most of all.

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If you know of  a great course I might like or of something I need to try, let me know!
Twitter: @verylainie
Instagram: @verylainie

If you want to see my big girl CV, I’ve got one of those too.