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Hi!  I’m Lainie.  I’m a mom to three little ones under the age of 3 (Tate, Thatcher, and Charlie) and wife to the most thoughtful guy.

There was a time where I defined myself by my career.  I was a teacher and then a consultant for a large school board in Ontario. But once we had our first child, then another, and another, I realized that I didn’t know who I was without work. (Three consecutive maternity leaves sure gives you time to reflect.)

What do I enjoy?
What outside interests or hobbies do I have?
Why do I act the way that I do?

The last year has been spent trying to learn more about myself and finding out what is “Very Lainie” – a term my husband and close friends use to describe a book I would love to read, to a pair of shoes I would definitely wear. “They are very Lainie…

In my exploration, I’ve been taking classes for fun (blockprinting, pottery, podcasting, mixed media, online course design, life stories writing class…)  I get bored if I’m not learning and trying something new.   I’ve always been a creative girl who likes to make stuff.  

Lainie Drawing

Making since the 80s 🙂

I’ve also gone back into my past to unearth some stories that I think are linked to my identity.  It’s the sad stories that have stuck with me and now I realize just how much they have shaped me.  I’m looking forward to revisiting them but in a new light; one that allows me to let go and learn. 

So why do all this soul searching, identity finding stuff?  I do it for my kids.  I want to be more self-aware.  My behaviour, my choices, my habits, my beliefs… they will all influence and shape our kids.  I want nothing but the best for them.   

If you’re interested in learning more about yourself or you love seeing creative projects and cute pics of kids, you can follow me here:

Instagram: @verylainie  (I’m here the most – I love photography)
Twitter: @verylainie (I’m here the least – not visual enough for me)

And if you want to see my big girl CV, I’ve got one of those too.