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Hi!  I’m Lainie.

I’m a mom to three little ones: Tate (3yrs), Thatcher (2), and Charlie (1) and wife to the most thoughtful guy, Eric.

Our kids have changed my life in a way I never expected.

I used to define myself by my career.  I was a teacher. I was a curriculum consultant for a large school board in Ontario…but once we had our first child, then another, and another, I realized that I didn’t know who I was without work. Three consecutive maternity leaves sure gives you time to reflect.

What do I enjoy?
What outside interests or hobbies do I have?
Why do I act the way that I do?

The last year has been spent trying to learn more about myself and finding out what is “Very Lainie” – a term that my husband and close friends use to describe anything from a book they know I would love to read to a pair of shoes I would definitely wear.

They are very Lainie…

In my exploration, I’ve been taking classes for fun (blockprinting, pottery, podcasting, mixed media, online course design, life stories writing class…)  I get bored if I’m not learning and trying something new.   I have always been a creative girl who likes to make stuff.  

Lainie Drawing
Making since the 80s.

I’ve also gone back into my past to unearth some stories that I think are linked to my identity.  It’s the sad stories that have stuck with me and now I realize just how much they have shaped me.  I’m looking forward to revisiting them but in a new light; one that allows me to learn and to then let go. 

So why do all of this soul searching, identity finding stuff?  I’m doing it for my kids.  I want to be more self-aware.  My behaviour, my choices, my habits, my beliefs… they will all influence and shape our kids and I want nothing but the best for them.   

If you’re interested in learning more about yourself or you appreciate creative projects and cute pics of kids, you can follow me here:

Instagram: @verylainie  (I’m here the most – I love photography)
Twitter: @verylainie (I’m here the least – not visual enough for me and I’m Twitter awkward)

And if you want to see my big girl CV, I’ve got one of those too.