I loved Susannah Conway’s Unravel your Year workbook last year.

If you haven’t downloaded a copy yet, check it out. Her free workbook is filled with great questions that will have you reflect on your year with depth. You’ll think about your personal growth, challenges, and much more.

I also found it hard to complete. I couldn’t remember what happened from the year and felt like I needed an overall picture to help me pull from it – which is where my idea for a timeline came from.

I went through a process of pulling together pieces from my year (going through the trail of documentation we so easily leave behind but don’t always realize) and brought it all together into a timeline. I couldn’t believe how much I learned about myself by doing it and the picture it provided.

This year I decided to create a timeline again, but made a point of jotting down my process in case others would like to try too. I called it, The Story of Your Year. You can download a copy for free.

I hope it helps you see the story of your year and leaves you with some insights to bring into 2019.

Happy New Year!