It’s currently 208 pages typed, 49, 993 words so far, and I love it.

After coming across some research about the impact of family stories on children’s identity, mental health, and resiliency, I decided to start writing stories down for the kids. Our little ones are all under the age of 4 and it’s something I want them to have as they grow.

The book is a compilation of stories shared by different family members. I’m pulling pieces from the book my Grandma Lainie wrote and letters written by my Great Aunt Ev. I’ve asked my parents to share stories over the phone as I quickly scrambled to type them down. Everyone is coming together to write this one.

My favourite part are the artefacts – great photos, interesting documents (adoption papers, war records…) and family recipes. It’s more of a digital scrapbook of stories and images.

I plan on self printing through Blurb. I want each of our kids to have a copy, my nephew, and any other family members who might be interested.

I will be posting my progress on my website and through Instagram (@verylainie) in case you’re interested in writing your own family stories.