For 25 consecutive days in November, I sewed a pair of upcycled mittens made from wool sweaters (all of the mittens are shown above).  I posted them on Instagram and Facebook in a way where it felt like we were opening an advent calendar.  I wanted people to be excited; what would they see each day?!

From each pair of mittens sold, a portion of the sales was donated towards buying toys for children at Christmas.  I sold 26 pairs this year (we had a Wild Wednesday where I posted two pairs).  Below you can see the toys that were donated on behalf of those who bought mittens…

a Barbie, a tea set, colouring book / sticker book, Crayola markers, soccer ball, tennis balls, 3 pack of Hot Wheels, Classic Lego set, a little doll, a train set, Twister, Vtech bulldozer, 4 pack of PlayDough

Many ask if I actually sewed a pair a day.  The answer is, yes!  I got a little smarter this year (I did 25 Days of Mittens in 2017).  I pre-cut and sewed all of my fleece liners this October, so in November I could just focus on the outside sweater pieces of the mitten.  I like sewing day to day because people can request certain colours and I can be more responsive to what people like.

A BIG thank you to everyone who participated – whether you bought a pair of mittens, let others know about my little project, or cheered me on… it was much appreciated.