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Hi!  I’m Lainie.

I’m a creative person who loves to learn. I want to be an artsy 90 year old woman still learning a new craft or taking university classes just for fun.

I like to share my thinking and learning by making things. Right now, I am bringing together photos, artefacts, and stories to create keepsakes for my children. One is a family book that shares the lives of those who came before them, the other is my own life story. There’s something about knowing our mothers.

I began my career as an educator. While on mat leave taking care of our three small children, I had the time and space I needed to think about what was important to me and what I wanted in my life. I chose to resign from my profession and begin anew. It was scary and much needed.

I am loving my creative life, even with the challenges of being home with little ones and finding the time to create. Sunday evenings are no longer spent longing for more weekend, and Monday’s begin with the excitement of what the week could be.

I have created The Search for Self. A beautiful private space created for women who want to reconnect with what’s important to them. If you’re feeling lost lately, spending little time doing things you enjoy, or just trying to get through your days, I hope you’ll check it out. It’s a space to feel more grounded, healthy, and whole.

As for our little crew, we live in Toronto, Ontario. Our days are spent going on “adventures” and eating ice cream with sprinkles.