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Hi!  I’m Lainie.  I make things and I love to write.

I started a blog in 2016 because I missed writing.  I went from publishing random pieces to interest others to eventually using my blog as a way to learn more about myself. Very Lainie is a term that my husband and close friends use to describe something that I would love (e.g., those shoes are very Lainie.) I wanted to know myself as well as they did.

Over the last two years, I have learned that while I will always enjoy making things, I care most about helping people write their life stories.  In 2011, I helped my gram publish a book (of her life stories). She sold 1,500 copies. In 2017, I started Humans of Danforth East as a way to share the personal stories of business owners in our neighbourhood.  I’ve realized that my care for people and love of story are a natural fit. In 2019, I plan on starting a newsletter for those who wish to capture their family stories or to learn more about themselves through the writing of their own.

I live in Toronto, Ontario with my husband, Eric, and our three little ones, Tate, Thatcher, and Charlie.  And the rest of my heart resides with my parents and family, amongst the trees of Northwestern Ontario.