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Hi!  I’m Lainie. 

I inspire people to write their life stories and to make meaningful stuff.  

I am fascinated by the concept of narrative identity – the idea that our present and future is shaped by the stories that we selectively replay from our past.  It sparked a four year exploration of my life stories, which continues to change the way I live my life.  It’s why I’ve created The Search for Self and why I’ve been writing for my children.  I want to capture who they are as little people, so they can know their story right from the beginning. I want our kids to know who they are at heart so they can grow up living lives that are true to them.    

As for what’s “very Lainie,” I love writing in coffee shops and wandering museums and art galleries.  I love Scandinavian design and people who challenge the status quo.  Time at the cabin with friends and family.  Finding ‘good’ mail in the mailbox… and I hate wearing socks.