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Hi!  I’m Lainie. 

I inspire people to write their life stories and to make meaningful stuff.  

I’ve been bringing together photos, artefacts, and stories to create memory books for my kids, creating mini-classes to help others capture life’s moments, and sewing quilts that are filled with stories.  Growing up, I was the kid who loved arts + crafts sets and doing projects at school.  My background is in child development and learning design.  I was once a teacher, I have my Masters degree in Education, and was a math and literacy consultant for a school board.  

I’m a creative person who has always loved learning and stories.  Right now I am fascinated by the concept of narrative identity – the idea that our present and future is shaped by the stories that we selectively replay from our past.  It sparked a four year exploration of my life stories, which still continues to change the way I live my life.  Our stories hold so much potential for healing, feeling grounded, and whole.  It’s why I’ve created The Search for Self and why I’ve been writing for my children.  I want our kids to know who they are at heart so they can grow up living lives that are true to them.    

As for what’s “very Lainie,” I love writing in coffee shops and wandering museums and art galleries.  I love Scandinavian design and people who challenge the status quo.  Drinking wine with friends.  A good story.  Time at the cabin with friends and family.  Finding ‘good’ mail in the mailbox… and I hate wearing socks.