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Hi!  I’m Lainie. 

I live in Toronto with my husband, Eric and our three little ones (who I lovingly call creatures).

I like inspiring people to write their life stories and to make meaningful stuff.  I do this by offering online courses and sharing ideas on Instagram (@verylainie)

For the last 4 years I have been fascinated by the concept of narrative identity (the idea that our present and future is shaped by the stories that we selectively replay from our past).  It has sparked a four year exploration of my own life stories and has led me to write multiple books and create The Search for Self .

With my interest in stories + identity, I spend a lot of time annotating my children’s experiences and doing my best to capture who they are as little people. Kids come into this world with their own little personalities and quirks, and I’m trying to learn more about capturing who they are (as unbiased as I can) so I can help add this piece to their story. My hope is that by knowing who they are at heart, right from the beginning, they can grow up living lives that are true to them. 

What’s “Very Lainie?”
besides being a term that my friends and family members often say when they see something I’d like… pre-covid I loved writing in coffee shops and wandering museums and art galleries.  I love Scandinavian design and can go on forever about how the Finnish culture values children and well-being. I am inspired by people who challenge the status quo.  I love time spent at the cabin with family and friends… and I hate wearing socks.