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Hi!  I’m Lainie.

I’m a creative person who loves to learn. I hope to be that artsy 90 year old woman who’s trying sculpting for the first time or taking classes at the university just for fun.

I am an artist who shares her thinking and learning by making things. Right now, I am bringing together photos, artefacts, and stories to help us investigate who we are and how we can live meaningful lives.

I began my career as an educator. I kept doing things that I thought I should. It just took me further and further away from me. While on mat leave taking care of our three small children, I had the time and space I needed to think about what I wanted. I chose to resign from my profession and begin anew. Scary and much needed.

I am loving my creative life, even with the challenges of being home with little ones and finding the time to create with all that is sitting up in my head. Sunday evenings are no longer spent longing for more weekend. Monday’s begin with the excitement of what the week could look like. and by Friday, I’m played out.

I’m currently working on a proposal for a book and creating keepsake pieces for our kids. I’m also bringing together my love of story + creating + designing learning to spark a new project: The Search for Self.

Our family lives in Toronto, Ontario and can be found going on “adventures” in our neighbhourhood, to the beach in the winter, or somewhere in the city.