my story.

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Hi, I’m Lainie!

I’m a mom to three little ones: Tate (3yrs), Thatcher (2), and Charlie (1) and wife to the most thoughtful guy, Eric.

And here’s a bit of my story…







I grew up in a small town in Northwestern Ontario.  Population: 1,200.  A place where a community calendar keeps track of everyone’s birthdays and anniversaries.  A place where your friends stop over to visit unannounced (I miss this) and weekends are spent at the lake fishing and swimming.  It was a great place to grow up.

I chose to move to a big city to find my own way.  A place with bookstores and movie theatres.  I wanted to meet new people and experience new things.  But in my pursuit of something different, I lost who I was in the process.

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a little doodle in my notebook to give you a quick overview of my story.


That’s the Coles Notes version.

If you want the whole story, here’s my coffee shop version.  (I LOVE coffee shops.  My happy place.)  Close friends know that’s where I open up and talk.

And hopefully I get a chance to get to know you somehow along the way.  You can find me on Instagram @verylainie.