for our kids.

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our kids: Thatcher, Charlie, and Tate.


Children who know family stories have an increased sense of identity and resiliency (according to Professor Andrea Breen, Family Relations and Applied Nutrition, at the University of Guelph).

I love this.

I want our kids to be strong and independent people.  I want them to know themselves so well that they will make decisions in their lives based on what feels right for them, not according the opinions or pressures of others.

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So I am going to write them a book.

It will share family stories and snapshots of their childhood.  To do this, I need to learn more about how to document their childhood in a way that is neutral.  I don’t want to tell them who they were as little ones, but to capture what we’re observing.  I want them to connect the dots as they come to know themselves.

The book for the kids will be a collaborative project with contributions from my husband, my parents, and family members.  It will tell the story of their family and also serve as a way for them to learn about themselves, right from the beginning.

I will be posting pieces of it to my blog.  Stuff I write for them, interesting research I come across, writing ideas, and more.  I share because maybe there are others who would like to do something similar and are looking for ideas.

You can follow my blog by adding your email here.  It will be like I’m sharing little pieces with you along the way.