e-courses & workshops

In this 4 week email class, you will:

– create a beautiful book that captures the memorable moments of your child’s life – in a way that feels fun and do-able
– learn how to select photos to tell a story
– gather inspiration and ideas for your book

– get design tips and ideas for layouts
– use storytelling prompts to help share cute moments

$25 for 4 weeks

Making Keepsakes for Kids (Free!)

Through 5 emails over 5 days, get thoughtful and easy-to-do keepsake ideas that your kid(s) will love. I’ll show exactly how to make them and share little tips along the way. You don’t have to be super crafty to create something special that your kids will always have.

Format: 5 emails in 5 days.
Cost: Free.

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Learn how to carve your own unique design into a lino block and then print onto fabric!

I will guide you through each step in the process – from designing your print, transferring it to a lino block, carving, and the exciting part of seeing it come to life as a print. Short, how-to videos will share tips and show you exactly what to do in less than an hour.

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