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the Lainie List.

after three weeks at the cabin, we all are adjusting to life back in the city.
  1. fees associated with running an Etsy shop.
  2. be a part of 5 Postcards, 5 Days! (I made some really cute postcards…)
  3. read this book and loved it. borrowed it from the library.
  4. an online email course I just signed up for – In Cahoots.
  5. IKEA Ideas: online design inspiration
  6. bought this t-shirt. “Making it Up as I Go” – perfect fit for me 😉
  7. About to read this. audience is retirees… I think it’s applicable to anyone making changes in their lives.

I hope you have a chance to check out the cute postcards I made. If you are a paper lover and appreciate postcards, I think you might like them…

Hope you’ve been enjoying your summer!!

The Lainie List

This week Tate learned to ride a two-wheel bike on his own for the very first time.
  1. just ordered this t-shirt for myself.
  2. this looks like a really fun water park / splash pad in Scarborough.
  3. my printmaking on fabric online course is 30% off right now (until August 2nd)
  4. Toronto Stationary Show in August. I wanna go.
  5. Modern Loss
  6. The Quiet Ego
  7. The Ultimate Toronto Neighbourhood Rankings – 2019.
  8. What people talk about before they die.
  9. how trauma seeps across generations. fascinating read.
  10. enjoying midsummer the Finnish way.
  11. origami bag tutorial
  12. Steve Jobs demonstrated the perfect way to respond to an insult.
  13. love this interview with Maurice Sendak.
  14. don’t forget to have fun.
  15. reusable snack bags.
  16. a must read for parents. an article filled with summer tips from a drown investigator and mother.
  17. the letter every parent should write. try reading this one with a dry eye.
  18. 5 lessons most people learn way to late in life.
  19. 8 talks on cultivating self love.

My last Lainie List for a bit! Getting ready to go to the cabin soon!

the Lainie List.

Last day of school photo.
Summer has officially started for The Holmes’
  1. Chocolate fudge brownies. this recipe was delicious. instead of chocolate chips (we didn’t have any), I swapped in small Lindor chocolates.
  2. LOVED this interview with Elizabeth Gilbert about her new book, City of Girls.
  3. cute outdoors sweatshirt.
  4. An interesting story about Agatha Christie and how she disappeared…
  5. to all the great dads out there (a great piece from Todays Parent)
  6. feel like getting crafty this summer? try my new Printmaking on Fabric online class! it’s lots of fun and easy to do.
  7. there are only 4 times you should agree to work for free.
  8. free is not appreciated. an interesting read.
  9. where to find free online photos online.
  10. the death of the family secret. implications of 23andme and (Huffington Post)
  11. I want to go to this conference someday. Creative at Heart.
  12. LOVE the personality test from (it’s creepy accurate)
  13. STORY. another conference I’d love to go to.
  14. 8 talks on cultivating self love.
  15. My Top Picks for an Entrepreneur Summer Reading List – Jenna Kutcher
  16. Crowns for the People. Fun fabric crowns for grown ups (who are kids at heart).
  17. Old-Fashioned Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisp Recipe – Rollie Wesen | Food & Wine
  18. Great places to go hiking this summer (without a vehicle to get there) | CBC

Can you tell I haven’t written a list lately!? this is a long one 🙂 Hope you find something interesting in here for you.

I also want to share that I’ve been thinking about no longer writing my Lainie Lists. will let you know before I wrap them up.

hope you’re enjoying your summer!


the Lainie List.

my favourite moment of the month. kids in pajamas. at Walmart. being able to choose one toy each. absolute excitement and joy.
  1. Company of One: why staying small is the next big thing.
  2. 7 quick ways to stop being irritable.
  3. business basics by Wandering Aimfully: expenses
  4. 3 ways that writing with a pen positively affects your brain.
  5. incredible typography cheat sheets
  6. a really interesting interview with Elizabeth Gilbert and how she wrote City of Girls. so cool to hear her creative process.
  7. my new Printmaking on Fabric course is live now! get crafty and learn a new skill right from your own home.

the Lainie List.

being good brothers.
  1. my Creative Type. a fun creativity test.
  2. window box goals.
  3. 3 keys to selling with confidence
  4. overlooked. obituaries overlooked in the NY Times
  5. prompt talking. it might change how you tell stories.
  6. we’re all making parenting harder than it needs to be.
  7. Canadian play money for kids
  8. create a professional looking email address with gmail.
  9. healthy snacks for kids
  10. Bob + Paige. I want to get my haircut here sometime.
  11. Teva Harrison remembered.
  12. How to use your enneagram type for content creation.
  13. why flight attendants don’t drink coffee or tea on flights. and why you shouldn’t either.

the Lainie List.

just over here, playing with playdough in a captain’s hat.
  1. Business owners, don’t build your digital castle on someone else’s land.
  2. Google’s CEO Doesn’t Use Bullet Points and Neither Should You |
  3. Olympic medalist, Rebecca Twig, is homeless in Seattle.
  4. would love to do this in our house.
  5. this quilt is gorgeous.
  6. is a fun and insightful quiz for creatives. Try it.
  7. incredibly meaningful gifts you can give to your kids.

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