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Books for Children Starting School for the First Time.

If you have a little one who will be starting school soon or have a child in junior kindergarten, here are a few picture books you might want to read:

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The Kissing Hand, by Audrey Penn
Going to school can be scary, but Momma Raccoon knows a special trick…

See the book being read on YouTube…




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Maple & Willow Apart, by Lori Nichols
Adorable sisters use love and imagination to stay close when one starts school.

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When I’m Feeling… Pack, by Trace Moroney
Join Little Bunny as he learns to manage lots of big feelings.

To see a full list of books from Trace Moroney…



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Wild Feelings, by David Milgrim
A friendly, funny look at the wild feelings we all share.

See the book being read on Youtube…



I came across these titles when our son, Tate, came home with his first Scholastic Book Order form.  He’s in Junior Kindergarten and his first few weeks adjusting to school were rough.  I wish I would have known of these titles before he started.  For both him and his little siblings, it would have given us something to talk about prior to starting school.

If you know of some great titles, please share!  Just add a comment below to grow this list.


10 Ways to See the World like a Kid.

On your next walk…

list.jpglist 2.jpg

It’s a fun scavenger hunt for you!

The list was inspired by a walk with my kids this morning.

I watched the boys step on icy puddles just to see what would happen beneath their feet. I was instantly thrown back to being a kid and remembered the exact same thing.  I would purposely step on the ice covering puddles in our driveway, just to see the ice crack and to hear its sound.

How can we go back to that place of being a kid again, when everything is so exciting?

I grabbed my phone and started making a list of things that I saw the boys doing. It could be a scavenger hunt for adults – a way to experience a seemingly boring walk, like a kid again.

I hope that you try our scavenger hunt or that you are inspired to make up a list of your own!   Imagine how a child might experience your walk to work or a quick run out to grab a coffee. Look up and try to see the world through their eyes.  It’s pretty awesome.


Snapshots of Childhood

Lazy Days

Melting ice cream cones
Stickiness running through their fingers
and down to their elbows

Shirts are covered,
and shorts too
Ice cream mustaches
and beards
They look so cute
and happy.

Time is spent swinging on the porch
with giggles and
the sound of airplanes overhead
There’s a bright blue sky
and we have nowhere to be
but here.

A cool breeze that feels so good on a hot day
Lunch as the big event
and naps that are the best

I hope our kids remember their childhood like I do.



It’s about pretending to have an interest in watering the garden
Just to get a hold of the hose

To soak the soil
Until it turns to mud

The perfect consistency
To stick your toes in
To run your purple truck through it
To make the sloppiest of puddles
to shove every body part into

I love to watch him play.

I will have to strip him down and hose him
Before we go back into the house.


Life is Good

Turn the sprinkle on please, mama
Birds chirping
Early morning sun

Pants off.
Diapers only.

Measuring cups, tractor, and purple truck.

Trips back and forth
sprinkler to mud hole
carrying cold fresh water
to the murky brown puddle

and busy boys

Water streaming onto the sidewalk
People carefully passing through
the mess
with smiles on their faces.
They know childhood when they see it.

innocent, simple, and happy

an older lady walking by says,
Life is Good



A little something I wrote July 7, 2017.  I wanted to add it to my blog so I could keep track of it.  It will be a part of the book I’m writing for our kids.


Snow Tastes Like Ice Cream


Three dressed and out the door. #momwin

We were getting ready to go to the “big park with all the toys.”
While walking to the car, big fat snowflakes were floating down around us.

Tate: I’m going to eat snow.

Me: What does it taste like? Chocolate?

Tate: No, ice cream.

Me: Can you imagine if snow tasted like ice cream!?!  Mama would love winter. We could grab a spoon and come outside and eat ice cream from our yard…