the evolution & creation of my logo.

it all started with a random fascination with cut trees. I found myself leaning over and looking at the rings of tree stumps, trees that had been cut down around our neighbourhood or at playgrounds where I took the kids. I thought about how the rings told a story. I kept taking photos of stumps (I won’t admit how many pictures of tree stumps I have in my phone).  I wanted to make prints from them with paper and paint.  I started coming up with art projects to incorporate the rings. I started doing research about trees and loved the metaphor of trees telling the stories of our lives.  Which sounds super woo-woo for me and yet I still love it.  See what I mean…
  • Each tree is so unique
  • Their rings tell a story
  • Their insides are so much different than what’s outside
  • You can only see the story once you cut it open
  • You can see the years they’ve experienced growth and when they overcame difficult conditions
  • They give a snapshot, a whole picture of their life.
  • The light and the dark
  • You can’t get rid of what happened, but you can add new layers of growth
  • Trees can heal themselves
They totally connect to our lives and stories. I decided to randomly draw on rocks one day for #the100dayproject.  I drew a tree slice with a little heart. It became a design that was envisioned and then passed along to a designer to make it digital.   The three notches in it represent our three kids.  The heart, representing who we are at heart, buried within.   If you know me, there’s always a story or hidden meaning involved. And it’s funny how logos don’t really mean much to the outside person, but everything to the person who created them.  It makes me wonder, how does one create a logo that is loved by others?  One where they see themselves in it too?

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