the Lainie List.

  1. Does Play Make a Difference? How Play Intervention Affects the Vocabulary Learning of At-Risk Pre-Schoolers. (article)
  2. when a friend opens a new restaurant, it’s so exciting. Three Monks and a Duck. Go check it out.
  3. MOO. love it for stickers and business cards.
  4. I now have a new crush on Thoreau and Emerson.
  5. the wrong way to visit Iceland.
  6. a friend shared this video of Walden (the summer camp). it’s beautifully put together.
  7. leather pencil cases on Etsy.
  8. If I had my life to live over again…
  9. 5 Easy Steps for Making Picture Books for Your Kids
  10. Do you know what drives you?
  11. Creative Mornings Talks
  12. the 3/50 Project. a good reminder for us all.
  13. Brene Brown is coming to Netflix! Call to Courage.
  14. my 100 day project is coming along…

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