How Charlie chooses to roll first thing in the morning.
  1. Children and memories. a New York Times article.
  2. All new to me: where to buy crystals in Toronto. Geologic. The Rock Store.
  3. I learned how to make a mean paper airplane from this blog.
  4. Toying with the idea of wrapping a quilt around canvas. Leaning more towards no.
  5. New parents face up to six years of sleep deprivation, study says
  6. different stones for a mala
  7. What are mala beads?
  8. St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Toronto
  9. I’m starting to read like I’m in university again. With articles like these.
  10. Beautiful and creative books I looked at in the AGO gift shop: Make Blackout Poetry, Middle Bear, Decomposition Book, Draw Bridge, and The Wish Tree.
  11. The story behind Decomposition Books.