Gram’s recipes.

After Grandma Lainie passed away, I made Mom a recipe book one Christmas through

I scanned some of gram’s favourite recipes and included family photos. Some recipes were scribbled onto scraps of paper or envelopes, along with her doodles. I included them all. I loved seeing her writing.

Grandma used to make us blueberry sauce to put on ice cream.

Mom loved her fudge.
Gram always had little notepads like this lying around the house.
She loved these coconut tarts. I remember them being a favourite of hers
in the years before she passed away.
I love this recipe because it shows the outdoors side of her and when they used to live on the lake.
Every year, Grandma Lainie would make a christmas cake. She would wrap it in tinfoil and tie ribbons around it. Her cake always had a white icing with sprinkles. Mom and I would help it slowly disappear with our cups of tea.
One of my favourite recipes. Gram used to make these bars and tuck them into care packages for me when I was
away at university.
Gram liked making these at Christmas time. Something to snack on.

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