what I want for your childhood.

I want your childhood
to feel like great stories told
and ice cream cones with sprinkles
for no reason at all.

The magic of playing in the water sprinkler
lapping up cold droplets
with your tongue.
Of stories not rushed at nap time
and extra cuddles when the lights go out.

I want your childhood
to feel like you are the most special thing
in the world
(without making you feel like
it revolves around you.  
You need to think of others.)

To have a mom who says yes,
more than no.
A mom who watches you
do that thing with your car
for the hundredth time.
To sit and cuddle
To read stories
and make things.

I want you to feel
like I notice you,
that I have time for you,
that I love you.

I want you to learn good things,
like how to care for others,
to say sorry when you hurt someone,
to learn how to identify and work through
your emotions.

And I want you
to have a Mom
who goes after her dreams
and isn’t afraid
of what
might happen.

I want you to be
the incredible human being
that you already are.
Because really,
you are
the greatest thing
I will ever make
in my life.
Even more so,
than that book
I really, really want to write.

I can do both.

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