the Lainie List.

when your brother comes home from school, you cuddle.
  1. What Will the Future of Work Look Like in 2019?
  2. love this for toy organization
  3. kitchen knife for kids. shaped as a dog.
  4. wonderpens. a magical stationary shop.
  5. E. Frances Paper for the cutest paper products.
  7. Craftsman Explorer stamps
  8. Hightide Tiny Container | TOOLS to LIVEBY
  9. What Is Spirituality?
  10. Style Glossary – Ultimate list of interior design styles & definitions
  11. men’s bike pants for commuting
  12. the best skin care product I’ve ever used. cleansing balm from Beautycounter.
  13. Fiver Parties. Have you ever heard of them?
  14. an app that tracks your creative and productive times during the month (based on your flo). I know someone who loves it.
  15. love Field Notes

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