the Lainie list

three kids who are thrilled to finally have snow for their new sleds
  1. Five exciting brands opening stores in Toronto next year
  2. trying to find fabric with mail or envelopes on it. found this so far.
  3. Sisu fabric line from Art Gallery Fabrics.
  4. watched The Green Book. didn’t know that the writer was the son of Tony Lip.
  5. ordered myself power sheets this week!
  6. What Is a Chakra?
  7. The Artist’s Way: A Course in Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self
  8. Before Pantone, there was Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours. Colours from nature.
  9. the cutest little toy blender set for kids.
  10. you have to notice when the universe is cheering you on.
  11. @enneagramandcoffee a fun new account on Instagram from Sarajane.
  12. my birthday cake this year.
  13. o-souji. you might have done it without knowing.
  14. the Poop Cafe in Toronto. yep, it’s actually a thing.
  15. my creative hibernation.

One Reply to “the Lainie list”

  1. Hi Lainie,

    I have one more purchase to make then I’m going to try to put into action a “depth year”. A concept rooted in going deep rather than wide. I’m trying to figure out what this would like for me. ( No new books, major purchases, no more frogs) Still have unread books, running out of frog space, have clothes I haven’t worn. Your creative hibernation somewhat mirrors my depth year.

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