you have to notice when the universe is cheering you on.

I love Tina Roth Eisenberg.

She’s the founder of Tattly, Creative Mornings, and multiple other companies.

She’s creative. She thinks big picture and sees the beauty in every day things.

I just watched her DO Lecture. If you want to watch it, just click on the image above.

Here’s what stood out to me from her talk…

I’m good at extending trust to other humans… just not good at trusting my own heart. In the last few years, I’ve been coming home to myself.

Becoming an entrepreneur is a spiritual journey.

living this superhero life.

I knew in my heart of hearts that eventually I needed to give in to this flow of life. I was simply terrified of the consequences.

Crisis takes place when the old has not died and the new has still not been born. – Bertolt Brecht

My heart got through to my brain.

It’s up to me how I handle this. How I flip the situation…

I couldn’t point to the North Star.

Stupid Capricorn me, I just didn’t ask for help. I felt like I was hanging on for dear life.

Stop trying to do it on your own. Get help.

We think of our work as a community.

Companies have energy like we do. Everything filters through us.

What you nurture, grows.

If I’m not rooted, my business is not rooted.

The more connected I got to my heart, the more I worked on myself, the more energy started flowing through me…

A business is like an expression of spirit and heart.

They need to see me adding light.

Take care of your gentle hearts so you can give into the flow of life.

Pay attention to those full body yes-es.

Notice when the universe is cheering you on.

“…the two films idea of your life. There are two stories you can tell.
One that is safe and full of regret.
And one that is risky and full of pride and joy.”
(from the intro to the talk)

The DO Lectures…

It takes place on the far edge of West Wales. And, yet, it attracts some of the most progressive minds on the planet. For many who attend, and indeed, who speak, it proves to be a life-changing set of 3 days. The talks are filmed and then made available to the world for Free. They attract a global audience each day to a cowshed. It’s a network to help others reach their potential. That is why we do the do.

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