The Lainie List

you know you’re tired when you fall asleep mid-cookie.

1. Toronto raccoon socks

2. A feel good story at Christmas time.

3. Christmas drinks (with alcohol): Cinnamon Quill and Mistletoe Mojito

4. Ginger, lemon and maple syrup tea

5. DIY Scandinavian Christmas ornaments from fabric scraps

6. Mary Meeker’s 2018 internet trends report

7. The Story of Your Year (a new ebook I wrote). Grab your free copy.

8. A Healthy Me in 2019 (two questions to consider). Download the sheet.

9. 13 Absurd Wellness Trends That Need To Go Away In 2019

10. Visualize goals

11. Words to live by, keychain

12. Ex-NASA engineer builds glitter bomb to get revenge on package pirates

13. 12 things to do before bed

14. a course I’m taking in the new year

15. Pearl found in oyster bar

16. killer granola recipe

17. Google’s new ad with Macaulay Culkin

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