the art of creative hibernation.

The Art of Creative Hibernation

I wrote a book because I need to go into hibernation.

The Art of Creative Hibernation was my way of thinking through what hibernation might look like for me.

I need some solid time to sort through all of the stuff I have been squirreling away in notebooks, Google docs, on my phone… time to take my learning and pull it together. 

I need to stop procrastinating and make something that really matters – something that will be useful to me, to our kids, and to others.  I have no idea what it is, but I’m going to figure it out.

My hibernation might include certain days of the week where I’m not on Instagram or other social platforms at all.  It will involve not doing any “work” on weekends, getting a membership to a local yoga studio, and a lot of writing.  A lot.  And it needs to involve some type of new routine that has me focusing more on my health.

You’re welcome to follow along as I try and figure out what this will look like.  Maybe it will inspire a hibernation of your own… 

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