I drew this in my notebook the other night.  I will admit that I had a moment of… this looks like witch craft.  It looks like one of those pentacle symbols.  It’s also kind of cool.  Maybe witches were on to something…

I had never heard of the word enneagram until I went to the Imperfect Boss Camp.

Since then, I have taken at least 5 different free tests that I have found online.  Below are two of my favourite tests if you want to give it a try (favourite, as in I liked the questions):

Just in reading the questions and answering them, you will learn a little more about yourself.

And this website blew my mind with the amount of information about the meaning behind enneagram numbers.  I could only skim during my first go because I knew that I would need to read it again with my notebook and pen in hand.

From what I’ve learned so far, you look for the number that is the largest to determine your enneagram type.  Then there is something called your wing number; it’s your next largest number and is usually close to your enneagram number in the pentagram drawing.  If you’re reading this and I’m wrong or you have a better explanation, please join in!

When you read this site, you will find yourself thinking, oh my god, that’s so me!  It gives a break down of each type (how to get along with me, what I like about being a ___#, what’s hard about it, what we’re like as parents, etc.) Just look up along the top beneath the main menu to find your enneagram number (it’s hard to find at first).

If you try it, let me know what number you were!  I’m just starting to learn about it but it seems like one of those things that should be shared with friends and family.  The more we know about each other’s nuances and what we need, the more aware and supportive we can be.


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