my 2018 Christmas Wish List.

  1. a drop-in six pack at
    (Thank you, Mom!  She gave me an early Christmas present.)
  2. a lighting kit (ask Eric)
  3. a tarot set
  4. Pentel pens
  5. bath bombs from anywhere
  6. a desk lamp from IKEA (this or this) (*update Nov. 12th – I bought myself one of these lamps last week.  Sorry, Mom 🙂 She has always said, don’t buy yourself anything before Christmas.)
  7. new moccasins
  8. iPhone holder (for video)
  9. a Get to Work Book or #10.
  10. Powersheets from Cultivate (my first pick)
  11. a business plan for my WordPress account
  12. Kraft cards and envelopes



For our family, a magical part of Christmas was being able to wish.  It didn’t mean that it would happen; it meant that you got to imagine what if…

Every year during a visit to Flanders, we would sit with Grandma Lainie and flip through the Sears Wish Book.  We would go through page by page as she asked us what we liked.  I don’t know if she ever bought any of the things we talked about; it didn’t matter.  Just going through the book with her was fun.

Grandma Lainie continued to make her wish lists even in her 70s.  I wrote my own list last year: My Christmas Wish List.
Along with it being fun to wish, it’s kind of neat to see how our list captures who we are and what we enjoy.  What’s on your list this Christmas?!


2 Replies to “my 2018 Christmas Wish List.”

  1. Personalized stationary,
    Michael Buble CD ”Love’
    Writers’ Calendar which lists publishing houses
    Green sweater ( Love green- gift to myself)
    Baci chocolate ( Love notes inside-gift to myself)
    Tickets to Cher concert
    A very long onesie
    Red underwear for goodluck in the New Year
    German style christmas cookies
    A unique christmas tree topper
    New CD player before they disappear

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