Very Lainie.

this drawing of little objects describes me well.  as my husband, Eric, said when he saw it: it’s very Lainie.

I’ll take you through it.  Hopefully it will inspire you to think about what collection of objects would capture you.
From left to right:

I love all things craft and making.  I have since I was a kid.  I own fabric scissors, paper scissors, scissors for my pencil case… each serves a purpose.

I love photography.  I admire a beautiful photo with great composition and colour.  I still have lots to learn myself and look forward to growing in this area.

rotary cutter
It makes cutting fabric so easy.  I use it with every sewing project, whether it’s a quilt or a canvas tote bag.

glue stick
I have always been a collector / curator.  My notebooks are filled with inspiration and things I love – pulled from magazines, packaging from products… you name it.  I glue it all in my notebook.  It eventually finds its way into something I make.

Pentel Energel Liquid Gel Ink pen
It’s the only pen I’ll write with.  I know it sounds a little snobby, but there’s something about finding the perfect pen that slides so easily across your page, leaves a nice crisp mark, and doesn’t bleed through.  Am I right?!

DeSerres 4B pencil
For doodles, sketching out ideas in my notebook, and planning out my week or month.

Oh, I love mail more than what’s probably normal.  I’m the one who gets excited every day when I hear the metallic clang of the mailbox (seriously), and I’m the one spots the FedEx or Purlator truck driving by and hopes that it is coming to our house.  my friends and family know my love of mail.

a little toy ambulance
With three little ones, our house is filled with small toy cars and trucks.  Our vehicle is filled with them.  My bag, our bathtub, and often my rubber boots have toy cars in them.  I included a little toy ambulance in the drawing to represent our kids.

my laptop
I don’t know what I’d do without it.  It’s where I write, learn, and make fun stuff.

a tree slice
Random? Yes, I know.  But I love them.  My logo is a tree slice and it has a lot of meaning for me.  I’ll have to write about it some time.

my iPhone (no idea what version, 8?)
What I use to text my husband and friends, to connect with others over Instagram, and to read books in bed every night.

Moleskine notebook
I don’t know if I will write in anything else.  Ruled Cahier Journal – Kraft XL.  Usually in brown (that brown paper bag colour that I love) or in dark green.

my glasses
I’ve worn them since grade 2 (not this pair, of course). I bought these from Warby Parker.  Love their brand and story.

a spool of thread and a needle
I love to sew.  My mom taught me how to quilt and bought me my first sewing machine.  Thank you, Mom.

a latte
I never drank coffee before having kids.  Lattes are now something I savour in a coffee shop during some alone time with a notebook, or while out at a park with the kids when I need a little something to get me through the day.


It’s kind of neat to see how simple objects can say so much about a person.  I hope you’ve gotten to know me a little bit through the process.


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