#jewelryboxstories: a ring from Auntie Lyd.

Auntie Lyd gave me this ring when I was in elementary school.

It was made entirely out of plastic and featured my “birthstone.”  I loved it.  Auntie Lyd had been selling Mary Kay at the time (I think that’s where she got the ring from).

The ring now barely fits my pinky finger and clearly has no monetary value.  I’ve kept it almost 30 years.  A cheap plastic kid’s ring has traveled with me through multiple moves and to different cities.  I keep it because it reminds me of her.  Auntie Lyd (and my four little cousins) passed away in a house fire when I was in grade 8.

Auntie Lyd bought the best gifts.  She always seemed to know what each family member would love.   Her gifts were never expensive; they were thoughtful and personal.

At 10 years old, she knew what I would love 30 years later.  For Christmas or birthdays, she often bought me books, art materials, or craft kits.  It’s funny as I write this because something just clicked; I’ve been told by friends that I give thoughtful gifts.  Maybe I learned it from her…


To learn more about my Auntie Lyd…

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Auntie Lyd

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