#jewelryboxstories: Fake Plastic Teeth

I have a weird looking pair of fake plastic teeth in my jewelry box.

For friends who know me, this would make total sense. I have three massive Rubbermaid bins in our attic filled with dress up stuff.  A girl needs to be prepared, right?!

But these teeth share a different story.  One of finding my place.

Picture seven professional adults at work – sitting around a table with these beauties in their mouths.

It was classy.  Janine was snorting. The rest of us were trying to talk between bursts of laughter.  And our teeth kept popping out mid sentence.

It’s a good memory.

I was so lucky to work with this group of people.

I was a math consultant with our school board and was working alongside people who loved learning as much as I did.  A curious group who got excited when they read something new and were excited to try it as soon as possible.

We had really busy schedules and lots of commitments, but we remained a team.  We knew how to have fun together and had each other’s back.  We went out for lunches and celebrated each other’s birthday’s.  It was the first time I had ever worked with a team.  It marked a time in my career where I felt like I finally belonged.

And that’s not why I kept the teeth.

It’s a good memory, yes, and you never know when you might want to surprise someone with some nasty looking plastic teeth!  Can you imagine if I wore them today to drop Tate off at school…

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