What’s in Your Jewelry Box?

What if something were to happen to me, would Eric be able to tell the kids what was inside my jewelry box?

Could he say, Charlie, these are the diamond earrings your Mom wore on our wedding day. When her Grandma Beatrice passed away, she wanted her to have them.  Eric doesn’t know this, only I do.  I want Charlie to have them and to know where they came from.

It may sound a little dark to consider what might happen when we’re not around anymore, but it’s important to think about. These items lose meaning and value without the stories.

And whether it’s a nice piece of jewelry given to us by a loved one or a random thing that has sentimental value only to us, each is worth talking about.

Over the next few days, I’m going to share pieces from my jewelry box and the stories behind them.  I’m also going to post on Instagram through my account @verylainie using the hashtag #jewelryboxstories if you’d like to join in and share some of your items and stories too.

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