food that reminds me of family.

It’s funny how certain foods can remind you of someone.  Here’s a quick list I put together of food that reminds me of family members…

Candy Corn
Sweet Georgia Browns
Those banana marshmallow candies.
Strawberry marshmallow candies.
York Peppermint Patties
Chocolate Covered Cherries
Chicken Fingers and Fries
Chips and dip
Macaroni Goulash
Creamed Corn


Auntie Carolyn.
Black Forest Cake

Chocolate covered cherries
Bordeaux Cherry ice cream
Diet Pepsi
Seven Layered Salad
Her buns
Chinese Food

Burgers and Fries
Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)
Fast Food
Pickled Herring
Tim Bits
Robin’s Donuts
Cherry Blossoms
Labatt Blue Light

Ice cream
Peanut Buster Parfait from DQ
Peanut Butter

Greek (chicken souvlaki and Greek salads)*
Thai (green curry chicken)*
Indian (chana masala, naan bread…)*
A&W Teen Burger
All things pastry (donuts, scones, biscotti)
Dairy Queen ice cream cakes
Skor Blizzards
Sour cream glazed doughnuts
Steeped tea

*things I usually order.

This was fun to write, even though it makes for a gross read.  When listed like this, they seem like such odd combinations.  For me, they are stories in themselves.

As a kid, I remember eating creamed corn at Grandma Lainie and Grandpa Pud’s house in Flanders.  We were always so excited to have it on mashed potatoes.

When shopping in Winnipeg, my Mom and I would always choose Chinese food in the food court.  Dad, usually a burger or KFC.

Pickled herring sounds gross, and yet I like it too (in doses).  Dad buys it every Christmas and now keeps a container in the fridge when I come home in the summer.  It’s a little piece of tradition; a little bit of Finland.

As for me, it was challenging at first to start writing out things I love to eat.  And then me being the nerd I am, I started wondering about how much of what I like is tied back to childhood or memories.

For the meals, I enjoy food that I didn’t eat back home.  Sushi, Greek, Thai.  When it comes to sweets and things I turn to when emotional, it’s food from back home – ice cream and pastries.  Too bad I didn’t love broccoli 😉

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