Meet Wendy the Worrier.

wendy the worrier
a little sketch done on my iPad.


Meet Wendy the Worrier.

Wendy has the same haircut that she’s had for years.  She would like to try something different but she’s worried that she won’t like it.  On her feet, she wears a classic shoe – something considered stylish but practical and safe.  Wendy owns at least three pairs of jeans that are exactly the same (she likes how they fit) and hoodies are often her top of choice.  By layering, she can be ready for any kind of weather. What if it gets too warm? What if I get too cold?  Wendy likes to stick with what she knows.

Her nails are often painted a nude colour.  She bites them all the time and doesn’t want the chipped paint to stand out to others.  Wendy carries around a simple looking backpack that looks like a Boy Scout pack inside. In the many compartments, she has everything from breath mints to a lint roller.  You never know what can happen; you need to be prepared for anything.

Wendy doesn’t do sleepovers like the other kids.  She’s worried about sleeping somewhere different and what might happen if she needs to pee in the middle of the night.  She’s just one of those kids who sticks to herself. You don’t have to worry about being hurt by others when you’re on your own.


What does she want people to know?

Wendy wants to live a little. Worrying all the time is exhausting. It feels like she has such a doomsday attitude.  It holds her back and keeps her quirky and fun self contained.  No one knows how much fun she is.

Wendy wants to wear beautiful clothes and accessories – and to have her own sense of style. She wants to be brave and try different things, but she worries about…everything.  She doesn’t mean to be negative; she has just experienced some pretty upsetting things in the past that make her leery.


What has she done for me?

Wendy has tried to protect me.  Thank you, Wendy.  Thank you for trying to anticipate what could go wrong so I could try to prepare myself.  There was a time when that was helpful. Now I just find that it’s holding me back from doing what I really want to do. Instead of worrying, I’m trying to say, what if…


If you are finding this post strange, I totally get it.  It is weird.  To hear the back story, read Meet Protective Patty.

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