Our Cabin on Clearwater Lake

A photo of our cabin on Clearwater Lake.  It was built by my parents, with help from family and friends.

In a previous post, Great Grandpa Johnson Built Log Cabins, I mentioned that it would be kind of cool if he had built our cabin (not likely, but neat to think about).

If he did, pieces of the original cabin are still there.  Mom and Dad incorporated some of the logs from the old cabin into the design of their new place.


The logs were used to help create stairs up to the loft.

kids and dad.JPG

I think they were used to build the deck
(the corner posts in photo above and beams below).

front porch.JPG

I’m also wondering if Dad used some of the logs to make the beds too…

kids in bed at lakes.JPG

Regardless of whether their first cabin was built by my Great Grandpa or not,
I love that my parents incorporated logs from it.

The cabin looks much different than the first one we had.

Scan 15.jpeg

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