Great Grandpa Johnson built log cabins.

I had no idea that my Great Grandpa Johnson built log cabins.

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 1.02.15 PM.png
Great Grandpa Johnson (left) and his brother, William Juhala.  Photo from Memories Last a Lifetime, by Siiri Juhala Gallinger.


From Siiri Juhala Gallinger’s book, I learned that at the start of the tourist trade*, my Great Grandpa (Johannes Juhala) and his brother William, had contracts to build cabins for a Mr. George Hughes and several others on Clearwater Lake and Pipestone Lake.  (*There are many tourist camps in Northwestern Ontario.  Places where people come to rent cabins, go fishing, and enjoy the lake).

Clearwater Lake (its proper name, Burditt Lake) is where my parents have a cabin.  It’s where I grew up as a kid, where I go every summer, and where Eric and I were married.  (Here’s a map if you’re curious to see where it is).

So back to the cabin building…

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 1.42.58 PM.png
William, Percy, Aili, Erkki , Anni, and John Juhala (left to right).  Photo from Memories Last a Lifetime, by Siiri Juhala Gallinger.


Cabins were built by crews.  Taisto Elmen, Taisto Johnson, Henry Lampi and brother John.  I loved seeing the Finnish names listed in Siiri’s book.

But there was something about Finnish people building cabins on the lake that got me thinking.  Something clicked this summer.


photos taken by @stolvanen. visit his page. his photos are beautiful.

I started to think about a Finnish photographer I follow on Instagram (@stolvanen) and how many of his photos include red buildings that are in the woods.

There are lots of red log cabins on Clearwater and Pipestone too.  The original log cabin that my parents bought on Clearwater was red.

I wonder if red is a Finnish colour?

Falu red.  It’s actually Sweden and Finland’s most beloved paint.

Tomorrow I’ll write up a post about Falu red.  I’m actually a bit of a nerd about this colour now.  I’ll share 10 interesting facts with you about my new favourite colour.





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