Dad’s side of the family.

Scan 4.jpeg
Grandpa Johnson and Grandma Beatrice

I know very little about my Dad’s side of the family.  I know that my Grandpa Johnson was Finnish.  My Grandma Beatrice was adopted in Montreal. I barely know the family tree, let alone personal stories about them.  I want our kids to know their family and so it’s time I ask and learn.

A combination of things has lead me to some interesting discoveries, family secrets, and new photos.  There are still pieces I’m trying to figure out and information I want to gather.  Over the next little bit, I’ll share it all with you.

I find my biggest resources have been my parents.  I ask them a ton of questions and then go from there.  We need to ask questions while we still have people who can answer them.  Otherwise, we are losing pieces of our story.


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