One of the things I love about writing family stories is that they challenge what I believe to be true.  I think that my recollections are correct and sometimes they’re not.

Before I post stories on my blog, I often send them to my Mom first.  She acts like a filter for me. Is this okay to post?  Will it upset anyone from back home?  I ask her because she will be the one who will hear from those who aren’t happy (It’s a small town. Word gets around fast.)

When I wrote, The Fire, and talked to Mom about it, her perspective helped resolve a painful memory for me.  Today I passed along a piece I wrote about Grandma Ina and the relationship she had with my family (my Mom and my Grandpa Pud).  Mom gave a completely different perspective and shared stories that I have never heard. I’m glad that she did. I got to learn about the good times before the relationships seemed strained.

If writing about family stories, I encourage you to share them with family members and get their take.  You might be surprised by what you learn.