Grandma Ina humour.

When we got older, my brother and I would make the trip to Barwick to visit with Grandma.

I remember one visit when she asked me when my boyfriend was going to propose (he’s now my husband).  I told her that we were planning on moving in together. Grandma’s response, “Why buy the cow when you can milk her through the fence for free.”  I think it was the same visit where Grandma decided to talk about lesbians and how they had sex with an “apparatus” like a broomstick.

It was conversations like these that would get her laughing.  She had the best laugh. Almost like a little kid who was getting into trouble.  It was a hee-hee-hee kind of giggle, where her shoulders would raise up towards her ears, with a big silly grin on her face. She didn’t laugh often, but when she did, her whole demeanour changed.

Grandma and Dad liked to joke around.  So Ina, how’s your arse for wrinkles?  And she would say, same as your belly for spots.  (My Dad loves to tell me this little back and forth every time I see him).  I have no idea what it even means but he thinks it’s hilarious.  His other favourite line of hers: If someone wanted to take her picture, she’d ask if they wanted it for their outhouse to keep the crows away.

She had a good sense of humour and another side that I wonder if many knew.

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