my clothing story. part 2 of 3.

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Four Kinds of Clothes.

Growing up,
we had four kinds
of clothes:

1. Play clothes

To be worn outside
to play in the mud and
truck through the bush.
It didn’t matter
if we got them dirty.
They were faded
and worn –
no longer suitable
for school.

2. School clothes

To be worn at school only.
New clothes.

3.Dress clothes

Were only for special occasions.
They were meant
for going out for dinner,
to a wedding,
a funeral,
or community event.
Dresses, blouses,
dress shirts,
and pants.


And lastly

4. Our Regular clothes.

What we would wear on weekends
or evenings at home.
We changed out of school clothes
once we got home.



my clothing story. part 1 of 3.
my clothing story. part 3 of 3.

6 Replies to “my clothing story. part 2 of 3.”

  1. Hi Lainie,
    So my clothing story begins with my mom making pretty much most everything I wore. I so wanted something from the Eatons catalogue or from a store called Walkers in town. The clothes she made were in keeping with the style of the time but I so did not truly appreciate the quality of the things she made or my moms sewing and the time it took. I don’t remember distinguishing between school and play clothes although I suppose I probably did. I do remember having dress clothes for special occasions though.
    I remember I was so excited when my grandmother brought me a blouse and a suede skirt from her travels, and when I finally got a ‘bubble’ blouse (from Eatons) from my grandparents for my birthday one year. Finally someone was listening to my plea for store bought!!! (or so I thought:0)
    My mom made beautiful dresses for special occasions for me, including prom and graduation. She would buy designer patterns and voila, I would have the dress of my dreams. She could make anything fit perfectly!
    She taught me early to sew and I remember even making my own skirt for my band uniform! I also remember some girls in grade 8 home ec being rather nasty, because I could sew so well and made a number of things and they were beginners and were working on sewing a straight seam. However I never really embraced the idea of sewing my own clothes, perhaps not willing to admit or allow for the time it actually takes to do so. I love fashion, but know I like to try on and be sure of what it is going to look like….I am not an online shopper in most cases either because I cannot try before I buy!

    1. Thank you thank you thank you for writing this!!! I love hearing other’s stories. Where do I even start?! So badly wanting something from the Eatons catalogue or from a store called Walkers… it’s so relatable. It reminds me of a small store in town where I used to go. It was more for older people – like polyester stuff or work pants for men. But in the back, there was a little section where they would order in things that teens would like. Mondetta and Red Eraser.

      And the memories of getting a piece of clothing that you loved…so relatable too. I can totally see you loving a suede skirt! And nasty girls in home ec. ugh. so annoying how girls (and sometimes women) can be when they see others doing something well.

      Loved reading this. You made my day. Thank you for sharing your stories!!

      1. So true confessions here….I still have that suede skirt! It was SO cool and was adjustable size wise. Not sure how to insert pic here? Let me know and I will send pic to you:)

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