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Four Kinds of Clothes.

Growing up,
we had four kinds
of clothes:

1. Play clothes

To be worn outside
to play in the mud and
truck through the bush.
It didn’t matter
if we got them dirty.
They were faded
and worn –
no longer suitable
for school.

2. School clothes

To be worn at school only.
New clothes.

3.Dress clothes

Were only for special occasions.
They were meant
for going out for dinner,
to a wedding,
a funeral,
or community event.
Dresses, blouses,
dress shirts,
and pants.


And lastly

4. Our Regular clothes.

What we would wear on weekends
or evenings at home.
We changed out of school clothes
once we got home.



my clothing story. part 1 of 3.
my clothing story. part 3 of 3.