Funny Things the Kids Say.

This is a place for me to jot down funny things the kids say.  I’ll try to give enough context so you can hopefully enjoy them too.


Tate this week (May 28, 2018)
It’s so incredibly humid and hot out.  I decide to wear my black maxi skirt.  One I haven’t worn since babies (pretty clingy and not so forgiving).  Tate sees me and says, “Mama, you almost look like a lady.”)

Lately the boys like to discuss who will drive what (vehicles going by our house or those in a book.)  Tate: I will drive the black pick up truck.  Thatcher: Me drive boat. 

The boys got a new Richard Scarry book from Ayns.  In the book, there’s a page with a large freighter that takes up the entire two pages and then a tiny little dingy.  With a smug little look on his face, Thatcher says: Me drive big boat and Tate drive tiny boat.  It was as though he knew that it would drive Tate crazy not to have the largest boat.

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