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Enjoying this beach weather.



  1. Love this. How SNL pulls off a sketch in 5 days.
  2. Toronto’s Best Playgrounds: 7 Parks Worth a Special Trip
  3. These bathrooms are beautiful.
  4. The Top 10 Wallpaper Stores in Toronto
  5. grandparents’ possessions into art
  6. Dilveen.  An unbelievable story. (a CBC Short doc)
  7. Your Brightest Life Journal.
  8. 3 favorite art supplies for drawing with little people
  9. 13 Reasons Why Season 2 begins May 18th
  10. oooh, I want this fabric.
  11. a funny video of the boys that will make you laugh.
  12. making a quilt block from gram’s clothing.


Have a great weekend!!


I write a list each week.  It’s like looking at my browser history and all of the things I have loved over the last 7 days.

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