We all want to fit in
and to feel a part
of something bigger.
But how can we do this
without all looking the same?
To be a beach
filled with miles
of dark grey
smooth stones
each looking the same
from a distance,
but containing
so much character

Look closer.

Like a child,
dangle your face
above the ground.

Find the tiny pieces
of sea glass,
pale white
and frosted green
shaped by
their adventures.

Pick up triangular stones
with orange and pink hues
bright and colourful
hidden amongst
the sea of gray.

Feel excited
by the little surprises
found within,
like the artsy piece
of black and white porcelain
that once
had a different

It’s funny how
as kids
and as adults
we are drawn towards
those that are unique,
and yet we fear
of standing out

It would be a pretty boring beach,
if everything was the same.