The Lainie List

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 3.09.50 PM.png
When the kids get tired, this is how we roll.
  1. A book recommended by Austin Kleon
  2. Work-life balance.
  3. Have you ever asked yourself these questions?
  4. Prison food isn’t what you’d expect in Denmark.
  5. This might make you giggle.  Fashion Fails.
  6. A free personality test.  I’m INFJ-T.
  7. Free pattern for a children’s sun hat.  I made one for Charlie.
  8. Wanted to buy these for Thatcher.
  9. The easiest way to book a meeting or get-together.
  10. I want to make Charlie a dress like this, using my childhood strawberry shortcake bed sheets.
  11. The Essential Guide to Getting your Book Published
  12. Publishing Secrets.
  13. Artistry in Silk: The Kimono of Itchiku Kubota (an exhibit in Toronto if anyone is interested.  Thank you for sharing, Daya!)

Have a great weekend!!


I write a list each week.  It’s like looking at my browser history and all of the things I have loved over the last 7 days and want to share with others.

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