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Miss Charlie is loving this weather too.


  1. If Whole Foods and 7-Eleven were to have a baby…
  2. I didn’t know that peanuts grew like that
  3. Japan’s Rent-a-Family Industry
  4. New & Noteworthy Books
  5. The Empath’s Survival Guide
  6. Caroline Kelso TED talk: Find your Inner Artist
  7. Empty black streetcar in Toronto marks National Day of Mourning for workers
  8. Tales from the Toronto van attack: The minutes that forever link the victims and bystanders
  9. The Pay it Forward Pizza Shop
  10. I want to eat here.
  11. Flipgrid. A video discussion platform.
  12. Cecilia’s #the100dayproject on grief and loss.
  13. I want to buy one of these!
  14. Square Reader. such a smart design.
  15. williamraedesigns. cute decor.
  16. Another restaurant to try
  17. The Sketchbook Project
  18. Justin Trudeau announces new Amazon headquarters
  19. Against Empathy by Paul Bloom
  20. The easiest baked french fries that taste fried. True story.
  21. A free dress pattern for Charlie
  22. The Great High School Imposter


I write a list each week.  It’s like looking at my browser history and all of the things I have loved over the last 7 days.

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