The Lainie List

I write a list each week.  It’s like looking at my browser history and all of the things I have loved over the last 7 days.

I share my lists with others.  It’s like when you watch a really good movie and have to tell your friends about it.

If you like them, you can sign up to have #thelainielist sent to your inbox each week.  I once had someone describe it as getting a piece of joy to their inbox each week.  How sweet is that?!

This week’s list below:


Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 7.33.44 AM.png
A snow day at the park.


  1. I LOVE this.  You need to click on this one.
  2. Surprises tucked in books.
  3. See if they can guess your age
  4. The handwritings of Kurt Cobain, David Bowie and John Lennon are now Downloadable Fonts
  5. Coconut Macaroons
  6. We need some calm to our mornings.  I just ordered this. Wish us luck.
  7. Is sitting too close to the TV bad for your eyes?
  8. A Month of Magical Eating.  I think I’m going to try this.
  9. 8 Ways Kate Middleton’s Birth Experience is Totally Bizarre
  10. When is the Royal wedding?
  11. Jessi Cruickshank talks to kids about the royal wedding



Send the Lainie List to me each week!

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