My 100 Rejections List

I’m going to keep an ongoing list of rejections – times when I put myself out there to seek out an opportunity, to offer a product / service, etc.  It’s my way of recognizing when I take a risk and try something new.  I might make a fool of myself but at least I tried.

Here’s my list so far:

  1. Emailed Jen Hewett and offered to provide feedback for her online class: Blockprinting on Fabric.
  2. Offered to do window decorating for Madame Gateaux, a local baking shop in our neighbourhood (I thought it would be fun).
  3. Contacted The Bus Terminal Diner, Queenie’s Cards, and The Handwork Department to do Humans of Danforth interviews.
  4. Pitched my free email course, Making Keepsakes for Kids, to Tiffany Han (she has twin girls and I thought she might like it).
  5. Put together a graphic design concept for a local business.
  6. Put up posters for mitten making and printmaking workshops.  No new participants.

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