The Lainie List

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 10.37.29 PM
Thatcher continues to hug every fire hydrant he sees.


  1. The New Mr. Roger’s Neighbourhood documentary.
  2. Pantone in postcards
  3. For those who love letter boards
  4. #the100dayproject starts April 3rd! I’m in.
  5. Me First! a picture book for kids.
  6. Stories by the Month
  7. ‘Orange snow’ baffles eastern Europeans – BBC News
  8. Dad faces backlash for bungee jumping with toddler.  Thoughts?
  9. Your Taste In Drinks Will Reveal The True Age Of Your Soul.  I’m 12.
  10. The Crossroads of Should and Must.
  11. Harry and the Hendersons
  12. All-Natural Easter Egg Dye Recipes
  13. I bet you can’t watch this without laughing.
  14. A hockey dad’s last ride – The Globe and Mail
  15. For the sticky note lover
  16. Making Keepsakes for Kids: My Free 5 Day Email Course!


Happy Easter!!

2 Replies to “The Lainie List”

  1. one … I love sticky notes, so thank you!

    and harry and the hendersons … one of my kids favorites. We had an old jeep cherokee and they would play out the scene where Harry does the siren noise all the time.

    1. Hilarious! I totally forgot the siren noise part! I’m glad you found some new sticky notes. A friend shared them the other day and I thought they looked so cool.

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