On your next walk…

list.jpglist 2.jpg

It’s a fun scavenger hunt for you!

The list was inspired by a walk with my kids this morning.

I watched the boys step on icy puddles just to see what would happen beneath their feet. I was instantly thrown back to being a kid and remembered the exact same thing.  I would purposely step on the ice covering puddles in our driveway, just to see the ice crack and to hear its sound.

How can we go back to that place of being a kid again, when everything is so exciting?

I grabbed my phone and started making a list of things that I saw the boys doing. It could be a scavenger hunt for adults – a way to experience a seemingly boring walk, like a kid again.

I hope that you try our scavenger hunt or that you are inspired to make up a list of your own!   Imagine how a child might experience your walk to work or a quick run out to grab a coffee. Look up and try to see the world through their eyes.  It’s pretty awesome.