Meet Pity Party Pam.

pity party pam.png

Meet Pity Party Pam. She sits slumped in her seat repeating the same old sob stories to anyone who will listen. She’s been wronged by this person, she should have known that this person would let her down, no one cares that…

There’s nothing about her appearance that’s memorable. Her long hair hangs down over her eyes.  She wears oversized t-shirts and straight legged jeans. Her black converse shoes are old and beaten up.  Her big toe is starting to poke through the top of one. Her laces are often untied, left dragging behind on the ground.  Her backpack hangs loosely off her shoulders, ready to fall off at any second. There seems to be this ominous grey cloud hanging above her head at all times.

This girl has regrets. Pity Party Pam spends most of her time rehashing the past instead of moving forward. It does her no good.


What does she want people to know?

Pity Party Pam has a lot that she’s thankful for.  She could go through a whole list of all the wonderful things in her life.  She has hobbies she loves and friends who are loyal and caring. She loves her family.

Pity Party Pam gets so frustrated by her tendency to let negative thoughts drag her down and become her focus.  Why does she always talk about what’s wrong? She wants to move on. She just doesn’t know how.

It’s almost as though she’s afraid to be happy.  If she’s happy, it will hurt even more when she’s broadsided by something terrible happening.  She may as well stay there and be ready for what might come.

What has she done for me?

Pity Party Pam has tried to comfort me during difficult times.  She has also encouraged me to make amends with the past. Where I have tried to move forward and forget, she’s the one tapping me on the shoulder telling me to take care of stuff from long ago. Fine, Pam, you win 😉

You may have noticed in my writing lately that some of it is starting to come out and it’s a good thing for me: The Fire: Healing through Story and A Gift Tag from Uncle Ross are just a few of the stories that I’ve written so far.

My hope is to acknowledge what Pity Party Pam has tried to do for me all these years, to give her a big hug, and then say our goodbyes.  Thanks, Pam. I’m good now.

And if you’re reading this wondering what is this even about?!  I don’t blame you at all.  It seems a little out there, but I’ll fill you in.  Check out this post: Meet Protective Patty.  I explain everything there.

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