The Lainie List

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A little sunshine and winter continues on.


  1. I’m lemon zest. What are you?
  2. It’s not just millennials glued to their phones.
  3. The only thing I write in.
  4. Love the No Filter section
  5. What’s the Story of your Name?
  6. I need to go here next year!
  7. This website is going to be trouble for me.  I want to make this and this, oh and this.  See, trouble 😉
  8. Events to satisfy your maple syrup fix.
  9. A Nordik Spa-Nature to open in Whitby.  A Scandinave closer to the GTA.
  10. Took the kids here this week.  Charlie kept growling at the sharks 🙂
  11. We are all made of stuff.
  12. So cute. But I’m not paying $65 for them.
  13. Arch C and Arch D.  I learned something new.
  14. Toronto café owners talk about banning the laptop.



A collection of things I’ve tried, enjoyed, and read this week.

I hope you have a great weekend!


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