We are all made of stuff.

A unique combination of stuff.

We all have
our own quirks,
those little things we do
that are noticed only by those we love.

We have our ideal days,
and little objects we treasure.
We have skills that set us apart
and fears we don’t share.

We have things that light us up
and things that can make us cry.
There’s our morning routines
and what we do in the final hours before bed.

We have ways to clear our heads
and happy places
We have things we enjoy
that make us feel alive.

We have our sense of humour
and a laugh that belongs only to us.
There’s a certain way we eat a cookie
and our favourite pair of socks.

Our first loves
and childhood memories
A mash up of stories
Known only by us.

An inner voice
that no one else hears.

We are so incredibly unique.
Why do we worry about being like everyone else?

Let’s embrace our stuff
and do good with it.
Settle in
and get to know it.

It’s what makes us,




What’s on Your List?

He liked watching romantic comedies.  He had quirks and pet peeves.  I loved how he put himself out there and shared all of what makes him, him.

A few years ago I read a blog post where a writer shared a list of personal facts about himself.  It was refreshing.

It made me wonder what I would write, so I started my own list a few years ago.  I’m now at #60 of fun and quirky facts about me.  They come to me at the most random times.  I suddenly realize something about myself and quickly grab my phone to jot it down.  I have an ongoing list in my notes app.  I’m starting to realize that each fact is tied to a story.  I think I’m going to be writing forever…

  1. I like things that are personal, heartfelt, and genuine.
  2. I dislike thank you cards that are generic, and forced monetary contributions to work social committees.
  3. I hate small talk.
  4. I feel socially awkward on Twitter.  I’m uncomfortable engaging in conversations on social.  I’m not sure what to write.
  5. I like being alone.
  6. I get angry when people don’t follow through with plans or commitments made.
  7. Anger for me comes out as tears.
  8. I have monkey feet.  I can pick up objects with my toes like another set of hands.
  9. I have to plug my nose when jumping into a lake or pool.  I used to plug my nose in the shower
  10. I do not maintain a healthy, balanced diet.  I yo-yo.
  11. I love to read and write.  I always have.
  12. I am a caring friend but will quickly drop you if I can’t trust or rely on you.
  13. I am my worst critic.  I’m always too fat.  I’m not patient enough.  I’m selfish and lazy.
  14. I love being crafty and trying new things.
  15. When I sew, I usually don’t follow a pattern.  I make up my own.
  16. I’m negative and complain at home.  Yet I’m upbeat and positive at work.
  17. I love all things pastry.  Cinnamon buns.  Scones.  Ginger cookies.  Sweet mother, it’s a problem.
  18. I’m afraid to share things that I’ve tried and that I’m excited about, in fear that others will take it was bragging.
  19. I love red wine, not white.
  20. Pizza and ice cream cake can be eaten for breakfast.  Been there.
  21. I miss my grandma.  It will almost be 3 years since she passed away.  I cry in the car when certain songs come on the radio. Songs that have no connection to her at all.
  22. I have so many thoughts running through my head that I have to repeat to myself at bedime, Go to sleep.  Go to sleep.
  23. I feel that I won’t live long enough to see my children grow.  It’s a weird feeling that I have and I hope it’s wrong.
  24. I own two pairs of onesie pajamas.  I feel like a kid when I wear them.


What’s on your list?


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