The Fire: Healing Through Story


A sketch from my notebook.


I’m going to share the story of The Fire with you.  I wrote it for a life stories writing class that I’m taking.

I’ve been reflecting on key moments in my life and The Fire is definitely one of them.  It happened over 20 years ago.

You will hear about what happened that night in an artsy kind of way, as a triptych.

The Oxford dictionary defines a triptych as a set of three associated artistic, literary, or musical works intended to be appreciated together.  It’s like when you see three paintings together on a wall – each panel might be related or separately they create a whole.

Like a museum or art gallery, I chose to share the story as a collection of pieces.  Here, I’ll walk you through the collection:



Far left to right:

  1. The first plaque, 1. The Fire, will introduce the collection and provide context.2. 3. and 4. are pieces of writing from my mom, myself, and my Grandma Lainie.  Each piece of writing is a face of an icosahedron – a 3D figure made from paper, affixed to the wall5. A plaque capturing a turning point6. A plaque bringing the pieces of the story together.7. 8. and 9. are plaques to the right of a fire poppy, which is pressed and presented between two pieces of glass.      7. A plaque sharing interesting facts about wildflowers (the nerd in me loves this
    kind of stuff)

         8. My declaration

         9. The healing that has come from creating this collection.



Here are the three parts of my Triptych:

The Fire: Part 1
The Fire: Part 2
The Fire: Part 3

As a heads up, the overall collection talks about death and the death of children.  I just wanted to share that upfront.





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