The Writing Acts of Kindness Challenge

writingacts of kindnessWho doesn’t love a good random act of kindness story?!  They are sweet and remind us of the goodness in others.  They inspire us to do the same.  So here’s a little something to help you get started with your next act of kindness…



The Writing Acts of Kindness Challenge.

Experience those good feelings that come from making someone’s day.  Send a tacky postcard to a friend!  Write bad poetry that will make someone laugh.  Write your partner an old school love letter.  Through writing, reconnect and share your goodness with others.


What’s Involved?

You might choose to do one writing act of kindness and that’s amazing!  Some lucky person is going to feel like someone out there cares about them.  Aw, see, I told you it will feel good!  Maybe you want to try a few writing acts.  Maybe you want to challenge yourself to do 30 Writing Acts of Kindness.  Whatever you choose, I hope that it recharges you and gives you the chance to reconnect with those you care about.


How do I Get Started?

Have fun with it!  Gather a stash of writing materials…

  • a tacky postcard that will make someone laugh (or maybe a really cool one)
  • stamps
  • recipe cards
  • thank you cards or blank cards
  • a pack of sticky notes
  • stickers
  • fun paper to make your own creations
  • confetti
  • whatever you want!

And if you’re thinking, I’m not a creative, artsy kind of person…that’s okay.  Grab a sticky note and write down something sweet.  Whoever gets it, will love you for it.


Writing Ideas

In May / June of 2017, I decided to do a personal project of sorts – The Writing Acts of Kindness 30 Day Challenge.  Each day I did a writing act of kindness for someone and then blogged about it.

I have 30 different writing ideas that you can choose from or you can totally create your own.

Week 1: Fave family recipes, sticky note love, tacky postcard for a friend…
Week 2: Lunch box note, 3 words, address book…
Week 3: Secret messages, doodle, poetry, Throwback Thursday…
Week 4: Share a joke, wallet notes, old school love letter…


Pay It Forward

Remember that when we share our acts of kindness, it inspires others to do the same.

Once you’ve done your writing act of kindness, tag a friend and challenge them to write one of their own.  You’re paying it forward and spreading kindness.

If you give it a try, I’d love to hear about it!  Share your good deeds using #waok18 and if you’re on Instagram, tag me @verylainie.

Thank you for reading what I’ve written.  You’ve already done an act of kindness for me.

Take care,




More about the Writing Acts of Kindness Challenge:

My Gram and the Writing Acts of Kindness Challenge, the meaning behind it all.


Want to see what I wrote for my 30 Writing Acts of Kindness?

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